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Chanjinn is the ultimate “all-in-one” payment ecosystem. We provide: a reliable and easy-to-use digital wallet (mobile application), access to your crypto assets, the ability to pay by Visa and Mastercard; a number of innovative features to ensure financial comfort. Open the whole world of digital payments using your smartphone. Pay, exchange and transfer traditional and cryptographic currencies in one convenient application.

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The Chanjinn platform provides safety, convenience and a variety of innovative features: contactless and remote payments on mobile devices with the use of NFC and QR technologies, adaptive loyalty program, consolidated authorization balance, intelligent operating contract with management through a mobile wallet. The platform is scalable and extensible to the parameters of a universal ecosystem with an almost limitless potential for additional financial services.

HSE And Security

The HSE technology turns your smartphone into a carrier of contactless payment cards. It is enough to bring the phone to the terminal with the NFC reader, and you will be able to pay for your purchases just like with a physical contactless payment card! Chanjinn wallet provides reliable security, using modern methods of data protection and communications in the platform. There is no longer any need to fill your wallet with physical cards: join the global trend "from plastic to figure" with Chanjinn.

our team

Chanjinn is developed and supported by a team of digital finance experts with 20 years of experience in the payment industry of international systems and in the field of cryptographic protection of data. Our team participated in the implementation of a number of projects certified by Visa and Mastercard payment systems, and also developed a number of solutions using HCE technology to provide contactless payments in a number of large banks trust us with their projects, including Raifeissen Bank, Bank of Georgia, Alpha Bank and others.

Kapiy Alexander

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, Technical Strategy

Aushev Andrey

Co-founder, Chief Knowledge Officer, Business Strategy, Ideologist of the project Chanjinn

Salun Denis

Co-founder, VP Sales

Ishchenko Dmitry

Chief Software Development Department

Vorobyov Maksym

Chief Project Group

Husov Vladislav

Chief Information Security Officer

Andrievskiy Ruslan

Android Software Developer

Kolomiets Bogdan

Android Software Developer, SDK Developer

Stupka Vitaliy

Chief IT Department

Alexander Lobanov

Chief Strategic Officer

Alexander Tulko


Yaroslav Kologryvov

Chief business development officer

Ole Dubnov


Vitalii Malets

Community Manager

Denis Antonenko

Project Manager

Victoria Ustimenko

PR & Marketing Director

Oleg Boiko

Chief design officer


Ivan Danishevsky

Chief Promotion Officer of VANHEALTHING fund

Chief Promotion Officer of VANHEALTHING fund, the founder and CEO of the media holding ESM.one, which unites three innovative IT platforms (ESC, Fundy.us and Zeer.tv) in the fields of Big Data analytics, online payments and promotion of e-sports on the global scene. Has experience managing large teams, as well as promoting media and high-tech projects.

Vitaly Tkach

Creative advisor

Creative director at Wargaming MCS, former creative director at Leo Burnett Ukraine, founder of Jumperound creative laboratory, BIG DIG digital production and Kyiv Jungian Institute. 13 years in advertising. 30+ awards and diplomas from prestigious advertising festivals.


Card Technologies and Systems LLC (CTS) is established.


Creation of the PINGen software system that prepares data for the issuance of payment cards and printing of PIN envelopes.


Launch of the ChipCardAssistant and SecurityPrintAssistant systems that prepare data for the issuance of EMV-chip cards.


Creation of the KeyManagementAssistant system for control over electronic keys.


UFN “Ukrainian Finance Network” is established as an independent processing center for service of VISA and Mastercard transactions.


Launch of the APEXLine card management system.


Our team created and launched the AVR PIN SetUp system (enables card PIN code installation through the AVR method).


The CTS team launched the SMS PIN Distribution system: one of the first solutions for secure PIN code transmission via text messages.


The MOBO.CARDS Application Platform is established: an ecosystem for digital banking wallets (Issuer Wallets) and contactless payments powered by the HCE technology.


Our team implemented the TskApp digital wallet for JSC Bank of Georgia (the project was based on our MOBO.CARDS Application Platform).


Creation of the FastTack integration component that enables the implementation of Third Party Wallets (Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay) via the VTS and MDES tokenization services.


The team implements the RaiffeisenPay digital wallet for PJSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval and the Tap4Pay digital wallet for PJSC Bank Pivdennyy.


Establishment of a platform for managing smart contracts, accounts in crypto currency and fiat currency.


Issue of Co-brand debit cards and cards with the possibility of digitization using HCE technology.


Creation of a system for servicing traders to perform payment transactions via QR-code.


Creation of a payment gateway to integrate with financial services and recipients of regular payments.


Building a processing center that supports the authorization system and the issuance processes of debit and prepaid cards.


The company obtains a license for providing financial services to individuals.


white paper

We believe in transparency and mutual trust. Detailed information about our ecosystem can be found in the White Paper below. A short overview is also available in our one-page project outline.

Main Application Functions

The mobile wallet supports additively broad functionality and various services that provide convenience, comfort and asset movement in two financial environments.

Deposit of funds - the purse is replenished with the attached bank card or through partner translation systems. With the development of the platform, the replenishment will be introduced from the bank account.

Purchase or exchange - the purchase of crypto currency is executed almost instantly or by prior application with the application of a fair course during the transaction.

Translation of the crypto currency - transfers between the platform clients are executed instantly with confirmation of the operation in the purse of the recipient.

Sending / Receiving - receiving and sending the crypto currency using external addresses.

Payment cards - issue debit cards with multi-currency security in several currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.). The card joins the operational contract and is managed through a mobile digital wallet. The cards are used in all POS terminals accepting VISA / Mastercard cards.

Payment through QR - trade and service companies connected to the platform, accept payment through QR-code.

Withdrawal of funds - the client can transfer his funds to his card or his bank account. This operation can also be performed through partner financial services.

Competitive Advantages of Our Solution

Our team works in a legalized legal format, providing all the laws of jurisdictions where financial companies will be opened and observing AML / KYC requirements for our users.

Comfort of use
Using a mobile digital wallet with integration to the platform and crypto currency exchange service, the user is able to carry out operations with crypto assets, use the current information exchange rate support to perform operations with the payment card.

Integration through the use of APIs with our partners by banks and payment services, ensuring the replenishment, payment or withdrawal of the assets of the assets, provides for the rapid execution of operations in real time.

Token Generation Event

We plan on launching a Token Generation Event (TGE) to supercharge our existing technologies, create a self-sustaining financial ecosystem and a digital community that will integrate blockchain and crypto into the global economy. Join us in a world of financial freedom and opportunity!

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